Wo Ai Ni Mommy--A film by Stephanie Wang-Breal

Wo Ai Ni Mommy, directed by Stephanie Wang-Breal, delicately yet incisively explores the sensibilities of both the frightened Fang Sui Yong of Guangzhou, China, and the Jewish Long Islanders who adopt her--Tiffani Knowles, Newd Magazine

Stephanie Wang-Breal, Director/Producer

Stephanie Wang-Breal has been producing stories for television since 1999. She has worked with various media outlets including CNN, MTV, the Biography Channel and UNICEF. In 2006, Stephanie produced and directed her first short, independent film, From Infirmity to Firmness, about the beneficial aspects of yoga for individuals living with HIV. This film screened at the San Francisco Short film festival in 2007 and it helped the Iyengar Yoga Institute of New York receive a grant from the Walt Disney foundation for their free HIV positive yoga class.

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